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Department Directory


Chris Moonias, Chief –

Dorothy Sakanee, Councillor – [email protected]

Marcus Moonias, Councillor – [email protected]

Lawrence Sakanee, Councillor – [email protected]

Colleen Moonias, Councillor – [email protected]

 Joanne Sakanee, C&C Assistant [email protected]

Hilary Moonias, C&C Assistant [email protected]

(807) 479-2570

Edward Moonias, Director of Operations [email protected]

(807) 479-2570

Lillian Moonias, Finance Manager [email protected]

Evelyn Quisses, Finance Officer [email protected]

Jocelyn Yellowhead, Finance Clerk [email protected]

Delphine Moonias, Finance Clerk [email protected]

Peter Moonias, Advisor [email protected]

Leroy Moonias, Executive Secretary [email protected]

Ronalda Moonias, Secretary [email protected]

Wilfred Sakanee, Water Waste

Curtis Moonias, Water Plant

(807) 479-2570

Sharon Sakanee, Health Director [email protected]

Stanley Moonias, Case Manager/NNADAP Worker [email protected]

Cynthia Moonias, T.H.S.P/V.S.W [email protected]

Choose Life

(807) 479-1119

Gordon Sugarhead, Choose Life Program Coordinator [email protected]

Marilyn Waswa, Choose Life Worker [email protected]

Redman Moonias, Choose Life Worker [email protected]

David Moonias, Choose Life Worker

Robert Neshnapaise, Choose Life Worker

Sidney Sugarhead, Choose Life Worker

Morris Moonias, Choose Life Worker

Children and Families

(807) 479-2570

Larissa Sakanee, Youth Worker [email protected]

Olivia Moonias, Youth Worker [email protected]

Evelyn Makoop, Early Childhood Worker (807) 479-2526 [email protected]


(807) 479-1155

Jennifer Sakanee, PDA Coordinator [email protected]

Ronnie Moonias, PDA Aftercare Worker [email protected]

Nursing Station

(807) 479-2533

Doreen Moonias, Referral Clerk [email protected]

Gloria Atlookan, CHR (807) 479-1147 [email protected]

Joseph Missewace, A.D.I (807) 479-2576 [email protected]

Rebecca Sakanee, H.B/HC (807) 479-2530 [email protected]

Roberta Meeseetawageesic, Personal Support Worker [email protected]

Angus Atlookan, Medical Transportation [email protected]

Andrew “Lanny” Moonias, Telehealth Medicine Coordinator 1-800-387-3740 EXT. 1396 [email protected]

Donalda Sakanee, Housekeeper (807) 479-1122 [email protected]

Victor Moonias, Custodian (807) 479-1122 [email protected]

Aaron Yellowhead, Nursing Station Security (807) 479-1123 [email protected]

Warren Moonias, Nursing Station Security (807) 479-1123 [email protected]

Craig Moonias, Nursing Station Security (807) 479-1123 [email protected]

Pandemic Response Team, [email protected]

(807) 479-2570

Roy Moonias, Project Manager [email protected]

Jordan Sugarhead, Hydro Operator (807) 479-2532

(807) 479-2570

Vincent Moonias, Ontario Works [email protected]

(807) 479-2698
Tony Sakanee, Director of Education [email protected]
Liz Moonias, School Principal [email protected]
Melanie Moonias, NEA Finance [email protected]

Lands and Resources[email protected]

Julian Sakanee, Band Representative Manager [email protected]

Vanessa Sakanee, Band Representative Worker [email protected]